Sunday, September 04, 2005

Doodle all the way...

Here goes... I never thought a compulsive doodler ('doodlewala' in India, rhymes with 'milkman' in the language!) could also be a first attempt.

Wait for a few days and I will put up my doodles...till then...anticipate.



Arun said...

Great start Sushil! Looking forward to the amazing rock art here!

~ Arun

Anonymous said...

Hey Sushil,

Good work :)
MAD in India is too good

I will watch out this space for more cool cartoons



Anonymous said...

Hey Sushil,

Great to see this. Good going. Looking forward to see your art.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susheel,

That's wonderful. keep it up.
I would like to have 3 ltrs. of doodle everyday please :)


Anonymous said...

hey sushil bhaiya
great goin
as always i love ur cartoons man
keep rockng

Anonymous said...

How come u r looking slim in the that also drawn by you???? The cartoons are really cool..will watch regularly

Anonymous said...

hey yo!! checked out the whole lot them.. like a lot of them. love rocky aunty and many many other rocks. too many to leave individual comments on.. oh and MAD in india :) .. see you soon..

Anonymous said...

oh forgot to put in name. the last anonymous was me.. smriti. am an idiot..