Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari And Now Rocks!


Arun said...

You rock!

~ A

R said...

really cool blog. cute, innocent and eye-catching. Jeezzz..

mikeerickson37131092 said...

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Arun said...

These spammers are such a pain in the a**. Baba, go to your settings and switch on word verification.

Arun said...

Worth a mention maybe that I am the proud owner of the rock art! :-))

~ Arun

Anonymous said...

hey saw your work at cg gallery also..nice to know whose the artist!!! i think doing it on rocks really rocks...and art is also great!! keep up the awesome work!!!!

Sushil said...

Hey Priyanka,

Thanks for stopping by at the gallery and the blog.

No, I don't plan to stop...doodling is like an obssessive complusive disorder with me :)