Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Balle Balle Ho Gayee Ji


Anonymous said...

its a v intersting idea... and v cool. have u ever thot abt sellin 'em? they'd make good gifts and things to toss arnd...:) I'd buy.

Rajan said...

This is a cool one. I like your rock art.
Keep it up.

Sushil said...

Hi Aisha,

Yup, they are available for sale at Creativegarh Art & Craft Gallery, 37 A, Shahpur Jat. New Delhi.

Or you can write in to me at sushilbhasin@hotmail.com

Mob. - 9811423915



~ ॐ ~ said...

t o o; g o o d

Sushil said...

Thanks, 'OM'!

- Sushil

R said...

really nice. i saw your blog today only and i seriously want to come back

Sushil said...

Hi Rohit,

Thanks for stopping by.

Balles to you :)

- Sushil