Saturday, October 15, 2005


Excerpt from a cartoon strip I did for The Pioneer


Arun said...

hahahhah! god one. I haven't seen this before.

~ a

Maria said...


I love cartoons and I like rocks! Didn't even occur to me they can be put together!!!

I'll be a regular on your blogspot!


Sushil said...

Arun, this is rather old..did this about 2 years back in acartoon strip for The Pioneer.


I too have new respect for rocks now. If I see one on the road, I take it home! (almost like keeping stray dogs as pets :))


Blue Athena said...

Ingenious! :)))

R said...

this one's old i agree, but really tickly!

Sushil said...

'blue athena', thanks :)

Rohit, when I made it it actually seemed so matter-of-fact for our generation ;)

AmitKen said...
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AmitKen said...

you've got a damn cool blog here.. it's damn funny :)

came to know bout ur blog from Arun, hope to see u at the Delhi Bloggers Meet on Saturday 22nd Oct, @ Dilli Haat.

Sushil said...

Hey Amitken,


Look forward to meeting you at Dillihaat.



Sushil said...

Hi Sushil,
Just came acrosss your blog and loved the doodles esp this one. Very nice idea to have a blog with doodles.
This comment also seems weird like I am posting it to myself as I do a bit of doodling myself (though course only during boring office meetings!)

-Sushil (Another one !)

Sushil said...

Hey (other) Sushil,

Thanks for stopping by.

It's almost like I am talking to myself (me myself and ...!!!)

Boring office meetings is where I also hone my doodles ;)