Monday, December 12, 2005

Caricatures of my pals

Asheeth and Vineet
3 pests (including myself). 24 years of 'jhelloing' each other


Soniya said...

didn't you forget Rajan there?

Japna said...

hey....just got to your blog thru creativegarh!
Real amazin work

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

First one looks more like u! ;)

Sushil said...

Soniya, Rajan would require one whole sheet...:) Have already made his caricature..Asheeth ahs to scan and mail.

Japna, thanks :)

Cheesy, I am not sure if what you said is a compliment ;) (My friend will also want to kill me for it)


Manu's Musings said...

Sushil is right cheesy...Iits not a compliment - for me !!!! :((

sonia....rajan ne toh abhi hum logo ko sirf 12-14 saal hi jhela hain.....this was a 'veteran friends' post :)

He need to jhelo us a lot more still....itni jaldi hum peecha nahin chodenge !!!