Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pammi aunty...

"Helloji, myself Parminder, I am a streaker,
I got my hair streaked for kitty party in the Punjabi Bagh"


Megs said...

He he.. nice.. brings back all the vacation memories of dilli, jullu-dar, chandigarh and gud-gaavan!! :P

Sushil said...

Hey Megs,

Yup! You forgot the Punjabi Bagh ;)


Arun said...

actually she reminds me more of kanedah-tronto-vancoover returned.

Sushil said...

Ha ha! Actually Arun, that's what she tells everybody but the farthest she has been is to Bombay :)


Arun said...

You mean, Bumbay. Right?

Sushil said...

Yup..Bum bay!

Himanshu said...


Saw u on TV yesterday- 7000 rocks!!!! when did u make all of these.

BTW, u still have to gimme my rock which u took for redoing!!!! The rate at which u r going, that is gonna become a collectors item soon!

Sushil said...

Himanshu, thanks!!! :)))

Yup it was fun watching myself on TV...they actually take more time shooting it than I do creating them :)

Yes, yours is with me sir. Will give it to you when we meet next.



Anjanna said...

Well...i am a new name on this blog... not many people know me. I must say that it's a real great work !!!!

Kudos !!


Anonymous said...

Impressive, you were on tv for your work. Are you planning to target Guinness World Records with 7000 rocks? Is there a link for streaming video that we can watch?