Sunday, August 06, 2006

A plate of doodles please!

(c) sushil bhasin


Anonymous said...

Very very nice! Very innovative!

Anonymous said...

really coooool !

Sushil said...

Arun, Iti - Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Good one dear, I guess Bush will love to have this plate.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

OWSUM(A?) Dude!

didn't know he had a 'china' connection as well! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Sushil I need to compliment on not only the artwork but also the presentation and cam work. Good work!

Sushil said...

Rajan, Soniya, Thanks!

Himanshu, you are also getting there with the Owsum bit!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sushil, every time i look at this one i feel its "creativity personified" !!

Sushil said...

Iti, Thank you :)

Anonymous said...



Sushil said...

Thank you, Shelly :)

Anonymous said...

Amazin fine china "topi"... just love d "Embroidery". Mast hai!

Anonymous said...

Gr8 work sushil..

keep it going..

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Manu's Musings said...

V. interesting work dude...and opens some commercial possibilities as well......can u sense where I'm heading with this?

Wonderfully creative....a flash of the creative genius that you are :)

Cheers :D