Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Johnny Depp would cry...

Did you watch Pirates of the Caribbean?
I am the Pirate of Kapoorthalaa!! Balley balleys


Anonymous said...

Hey good to see Sardar ji on the stone back!! I thought you had stopped making the stones... or pebbles .. sorry confused with the nomenclature :-)

My honest opinion ... your stones ... these are unique, keep 'em coming.


Sushil said...

Thanks for the feedback Piyali :)

The nomeclature? I call it 'Sushil on the Rocks'...you can call it what you want :0)


Anonymous said...

what an innovative idea. Man u come out with real interesting characters. This addition has been after a long gap. keep it up.

Sushil said...

MKR, yes, the stones are pelting again!

Unknown said...

Gr8 works keep it up all the best. Keep doing good works..