Friday, October 31, 2008

After Defects!

I was balding. I tried Viagra...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sushil..your work is fantastic, i read about you first in the Indian Express a few months ago. i wonder where i can buy your pebbles from, i was interested in gifting one to a dear friend. id appreciate it if i heard back from you soon! the birthday is in 10 days!

Sushil said...

Hey Divya,

Thanks for writing in and for the compliments :)

The pebbles are currently selling from Creativegarh at 37A Shahpur Jat, New Delhi (next to Siri Fort Auditorium).

You can also write in to me at bhasinsushil at or call on (0) 9811423915, we arrange for delivery anywhere in India.



Anonymous said...

What commission are u getting from the company for promoting another offshoot advantage of potency drug.
Good imagination.

Unknown said...

Gr8 works keep it up all the best. Keep doing good works..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sushil,
Came here from MediaNama...I have only one thing to say "Amazing Amazing work"

Like Divya, I have the same question...Are these pebbles(your work) available in Bangalore/Mumbai by any chance...I really want my hands on this amazing piece of work :)

-Himanshu Sheth

Sushil said...

MKR - No commission
...unfortunately :(

Pijush - thank you! :)

Himanshu - thanks! I am in talks with some stores in Mumbai but will take a li'l while before you can see them there. Meanwhile you can write in to me at or call me on (0) 9811423915 - we deliver anywhere in India.