Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Jazz Utsav 08, Dilli

Excellent music and wonderful musicians.
Some doodles from the audi...
This is Harri Stojka
- An Austrian Jazz Guitarist.
Originally into punk rock, he plays jazz that is inspired by Gypsy rythms.
That's Thomas Siffling
of the German Jazz Trio called Thomas Siffling Trio
Markus Faller of Thomas Siffling Trio - the drummer
The lady with the lovely voice - Miett Molnar
from the Henk Muetgeert Quartet

This gentleman was enjoying it completely!

Some more reactions... :)


Anonymous said...

And I was wondering when you would put this up!

I did find some doodles of Jazz Utsav of earlier years in your archives!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you did caricatures of artists who were performing? Wow ... interesting. I didn't attend this but would be nice if you put names to the artists caricatures!

Sushil said...

Hey Sunil, yes it's finally up!

Anon - check out...have put the names..:)


Anonymous said...

Bootiful!! u rock dude

u should do something with theis bunch.....lets brainstorm.