Friday, October 14, 2005

Manoj's interpretation

Fellow CGite Manoj Vijayan's take on
Sushil on the Rocks!

His comments:
Hi Sushil,Buddy, I've already been going through your
'toons and feeling rather envious to be honest--
"Cartoons on rocks! Why didn't I think of that first?" :-)
Cartoons on the back of business cards--been done (,
but as far as I know you may be the first to do them on rocks!
Much more permanent and feel nicer in the hand,
I think...and yes...they're funny too :-)
Here's one for you :-)
Cheers Manoj


Sushil said...


Thanks!! :)))


Arun said...

LOL! Like I was telling Manoj, this is the best laugh I've had in ages! :-D

~ A

YasminDano said...

Very creative! You know, you could sell these on ebay :)

Sushil said...

Hey '2sons',


Love the cartoon on your profile too :)

Hmm ebay...lemme check it out sounds like a good idea.