Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Anonymous said...

dude, you must be married :)
This strip is shaping up well.
Are you going to stick with these characters?

Sushil said...

Hey A,


Yes, I am enjoying creating this series. And I am sure it rings a bell, married or otherwise ;)

Yes, these two will be the main characters..but few more will join in soon.

Anonymous said...

Where's the humour in this?

~ Lisa

Sushil said...

Hey Lisa,

Do you know what is a karela?


Anonymous said...

I am happy to note new use of Karela. I know that it purifies blood but this novel idea of it increasing love and understanding is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Yes sir, I know what a karela is and i love the sabzi mum makes. Just because I have a non-indian name does not mean that you should make assumptions that i dont understand hindi. Not a sign of a mature cartoonist.