Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Folks, Doodlewala is my new work.
An Indian cartoon strip about people like us.
Do give your feedback.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, having a common character in all your strips....would this not be a bit restrictive?

somewhat aking to the "common man" in Laxman?

just a thought....


Sushil said...

Hey Himanshu,

A set of common characters will bind the strip together.

And this restriction is an interesting challenge!

Thanks for your thoughts.


Anonymous said...


Its really fun to see the toons :) that i last saw few years back at Exl Service. Thanks for starting the blog.


Sushil said...

Hey Nidhi,

Thanks for stopping by!

Aatey rehna :)


Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled on your blog today. I am liking the idea of a common character and hope this will get established and will reflect the current situations. It will be nice to see some cartoons on international issues also eg USA and say Pakistan. Do you think you can do it?